The differences between Super Flint Glass Bottle and Flint Glass Bottle.
Super Flint Glass Bottle tends to be more stronger, deeper in its bottle base, thicker in its walls and all around, better in clarity and better feeling in quality and in hands comparing with Normal Flint Glass Bottle. Super Glass Bottles are the best choice for Premium Brands and High Quality Packaging and those bottles with more complicated Designing and Shapes and much more in weight. While Normal Flint Glass Bottle is a cheaper, cost saving way and still very nice for any ranges of products packaging, but Normal Flint Glass Bottles are applied in the circumstances of less heavier and simple bottles.
We can offer spray color painting and frosting, to make the bottles a different appearance as per your request, and heat transfer printing (decal printing), silk-screen printing for your quality labeling as well.
We can do Custom Glass Bottles by both Super Flint Glass and Flint Glass, just a simple sketch and dimensions for us, but normally our suggestion for Super Flint is a Best Option.