Arttide Glass is a China Based Experienced Designer, Producer and Supplier of High Quality Glass Bottle packaging, such as High Quality Glass Liquor bottles, Glass Vodka Bottle, Glass Whiskey bottles, Glass Spirits Bottles, Glass Alcohol Bottle, Glass Brandy Bottle, Glass Rum Bottle, Gin Bottle, Tequilla Bottle, Various Beverage Bottle and Oil Bottles. Glass Cosmetic Bottles as Glass Perfume Bottles, Cream Bottles etc. are available as well as per your request.

Super Flint Glass is assured your bottle to be excellet quality.  Meanwhile, Normal Flint is an option in any case of Lower quality and brands needs.
Customized Bottle Caps/Corks are available for matching your Bottles.
Glass Bottle Decoration such as Spray Painting Colors for Bottles, Silk Screen Printing Labels or Decal (Heat Transfer Printing) Labels on the Bottles, Hot Stamp Golden Color or Silver Color for Labels or Logos on the Bottles are Available working with us, to make your Glass Bottles Super Quality.
With years of expericence in this line and skilled workers, our Super Quality with Competitive costs, Fast Delivery, Best Service and Easy Communication will always be of your Satisfaction and Best Choice.

Custom Glass Bottle Designs 
In the competitive marketplace, the key to success for you is to have a bottle packaging that always catching the consumers’ attention. Therefore, to have a creative and unique bottle is the most essential.  The easiest way to have your own unique bottle is to create a simple sketch or drawing and send us with your detailed requirement for the bottle and cap or cork as well,  we can design the glass bottle for you, as per your specifications,requirements and expectation. Working with us, will save you a lot for the custom-made design, molds and glass bottles as well. We are always preparing to offer our best and innovative solution to your products packaging, to make your products a super quality,attractive and competitive in the market. 
You Success is our success!      Hope to have a very nice and long time mutual beneficial business relationship with you.
For more details, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime!